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Avon Anew Clinical Line Corrector AF33:A real help to keep your melasma completely in check( product update)

Quite sometime ago, I had reviewed the Avon Anew Clinical AF33 Line corrector. I had mentioned that my mum was using it. This time, on her insistence, I am updating something about it which it justly deserves.
Review of Avon Anew Clinical Line Corrector AF 33

I had mentioned my mother has melasma. She has been seeing a dermatologist for a long time to keep her melasma in check. Many of you would know, there is absolutely no cure for melasma. But treatment can keep things in check. The skin would keep producing excessive melanin and there is nothing you can do to stop it. What can be done is that the excess melanin can be removed by
treatment. That too, does not clear up. It just lightens a bit.

My mother had beautiful skin. Ever since she had melasma, she was pretty upset. But after using Avon Anew Clinical AF33 each night continuously over 7 months, her pigmented spots due to melasma just vanished! Yes, it just went away! Needless to mention that my mother is extremely happy.

 She had started using this somewhere around October and I had reviewed this one for her somewhere around May. The tube finished off in the same month. Hence, with regular one time use per day for 8 months, one bottle lasted for about 8 months! She would use just a tiny drop and put it on the pigmented area.

Note: Since it is so expensive, we did not order before hand. After ordering from my Avon representative, she had to wait for a few days before she could resume her use again. In a day or two, the patches started coming back. Once she started using again, everything cleared up in about a week.

She had asked her dermatologist. He was happy with the composition. But he said, since this is still a cosmetic product, he cannot prescribe. Conclusion, the ingredients are good, but your doctor might not prescribe because ultimately it is labelled as cosmetic.

Yes, my mother, who sticks to her prescribed medicines of the age old inexpensive skin products, for the first time did actually spend the amount for 1800 INR over this. Plus, if one bottle lasts about 8 months, you can do the math. It doesn't sound astral in the long run.

I would say, if you are suffering from melasma, do try this out. BUT make sure to USE A SUNSCREEN with high SPF UVA UVB in the day time. If you skin is undergoing this kind of process, never expose it to and always protect it from the sun.