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Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff Hair oil: The ultimate solution to dandruff and hair woes? May be!

If you are suffering from any kind of dandruff or hair issues, I think Himalaya products are the best!! Previously I had reviewed the Anti dandruff cream. The guy gets terrible dandruff. Regular usage as a leave in cream, has caused those horrible huge flakes ( almost scabs) just go away and his crimpy hair is now completely free from dandruff.
Review of Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff Hair oil
It looks so innocuous. Doesn't it?

As for myself, I have sebhorric dermatitis. In short, fine dandruff which sticks to the oily scalp making it itchy. At the same time, my hair is dry-ish. Moreover, my hair being fine, I cannot use the cream as a
leave in. So, I was looking for something more suitable for my purpose. And it was precisely at this point, I came across Himalaya Anti Dandruff hair oil.
You cannot leave this oil on. Massage it at night and then wash off in the morning.
Photo of Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair oil
Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hait oil.

My experience: The oil is light and smells of rosemary. I love the scent and no, it's not strong. It smells natural and delightful. I leave it on overnight and wash off on the next morning. Since the oil is light, it washes off easily. BUT, the result is just amazing! The dandruff just goes away and my hair looks shiny and soft and healthy. Wish prolonged use, most of my hair issues like hair fall and dandruff are just gone!!
This winter I stayed dandruff free and did not experience much hair fall Thanks to Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair oil.

I am not getting into the pros and the cons because I honestly feel it is a magic in a bottle!

If you are suffering from dandruff or hair fall or itchy scalp or any hair issues, go get it!