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Himalaya Herbals Night Cream still feels the same to me

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream  is a blast from my past and the good relation still continues. Then why the delay? I had started using night creams since I was eighteen. Yes.  I stay up late at night and I always wanted to give my skin something special. I had started with Garnier Night cream and then ventured into Himalaya when it started making it's appearance in the market.
Review of Himalaya Herbals Night Cream

The main reason I did not review this cream here is because I had written a review of this one for a website and I wanted to find out if down the years, my opinion still remain the same.

I don't remember what I had written back then. But what I know is that my opinion about this cream hasn't changed much.So, when the brand asked what I wanted to try, I knew I did not review this cream and I did not have it with me right then. So, I requested them to send over this one.
Good  herbal night cream for oily skin

My Experience: It is a very thin ( almost runny lotion like cream) which is very light and yet moisturizing. I have oily acne prone skin and yet, it never broke me out or clogged my pores.Instead, it hydrates and moisturizes my skin just perfectly and I wake up with beautiful skin.
I won't say that it does do miraculous stuff. BUT, it does keep my skin in very healthy condition and for a product so inexpensive, it does more than what it claims.
In fact, on days I skip the cream, I can feel the difference in the morning.
Himalaya Herbals Night Cream for oily skin

But mind, if your skin is dry, it might not work the best. I completely skip it in winters when my skin stops at nothing less than a generous slathering of Nivea Soft or Nivea Classic creams. :(

My complaints? None.

The cream works well. Doesn't break out acne prone oily skin. It's affordable and easily available. What more can I ask for?

Price: 110 INR for 25 grams . I am regularly using it for my entire face and neck for more than one and a half month and there is still some left which would see me through another two or three days I think.

Product by the brand. But if you have read the post, honest review.


  1. list of ingredients would have been nice


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