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Roll out The Red Carpet because it's Color Show and Glitter Mania is in!

I had been quite raving ( and rambling about Maybelline Glitter Mania Color Show Nail Polishes.) I had also swatched Pink Champagne over here. Now it's time to roll out the red Carpet for the Show of colors!
Glittermania Colorshow swatches
I would keep running my fingers on blingy jewellery

This shade is very different from what I had seen of glitter polishes so far. It's like a complete fusion of
fine golden shimmer and red and the sandy gritty texture looks so luxurious.

Red Carpet swatches Maybelline India
And it goes with the bling

If I were thinking of glitter and flapper, I would recommend this red... for that matter, I would insist that you try at least one nail polish from this line.

Maybelline Glitter Mania Red Carpet
But Red Carpet is not over the top!

The color along with the texture, somehow brought back some happy associations. I could not understand what exactly it was. Then, I realized that they reminded me of the very glittery decoration bells of Christmas trees in our school. Yes, everything associated with my childhood days at school is happy and sweet. At least these memories are.

 I cannot stop staring at this nail polish and I am loving the swatches. Hope you find these as pretty as I did.

PR sample. Honest review.