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I say,' My Envy Box is definitely improving': My Envy Box of June

I know I have been slack in writing post. But I have been very ill again. For almost a week, I was completely bed ridden. Anyway, sob story later. But, take a look at my Envy Box of June!
My Enby Box
What's inside this goodie box?

I have always been cribbing and cringing and complaining how they need to improve. Looks like My Envy Box does listen. This time, the effort did seem visible. How?
They included a full size Innisfree Nail Polish and a good quantity of other samples.

So, what's actually inside? Take a look.

Inside My Envy Box of June
Interesting. Isn't it?

Innisfree Nail Polish: Yes, it's a full size nail polish and I am very happy! Good job My Envy Box I would say!

A huge pouch of SkinYoga Foot scrub. The scrub contains brown sugar and coconut flakes. I opened and took a sniff. My my!! I don't want it on my feet. I want to eat it!! It smells heavenly!

Thalgo Face exfoliator: Instead of their staple 2 ml tubes, this one is a ml one. And by the look of it, I am expecting it to give me two uses. Good! I might be traveling soon and I am carrying these samples!

Kronokare Provancal Lavender Body Lotion:
This came in a cute little jar. It smells of lavendar.

A Nina Ricci perfume vial: I love these tiny vials because I can carry them around in my purse.

Apart from these, I received the usual of discount coupons etc.

Verdict: I know My Envy Box did not make the best start because of the tiny samples, price. etc. But I would say My Envy Box is definitely improving. This month's box made me the happiest so far. Now I am keeping my eyes peeled on what they are doing next.

My suggestion: Include a few more samples.

Other than this, I am pretty happy now.
I have to paint my nails. So, see you later.

The Box was sent to me by the brand. However, my opinion is always honest.