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My June-July makeup favorites ( are eclectic)

Oh, July is here and I had been in bed for almost two weeks. Don't blame me. I can't write when I am lying in bed. Anyway, makeup wise, June hadn't been too exciting. July is not  much exciting either. But, on the better note, my skin has been slowly healing and thankfully, the scars and blemishes seem to be minimum. Result? I can getaway without the extra layer of foundation. :D

My beauty Favorites of June July
Small but decent I think

Anyway, here is the modest number of products. Some have been reviewed and some not. Yes, Lazy me


Deborah BB Cream: It is actually a foundation ( read the Italian) with some SPF. Nevertheless, I have been loving it. It contains SPF20 and on days when I am not going out in the sun much, it's perfect. light but nice coverage, good skin match and some SPF. It is about to be finished and  no, I am not repurchasing it soon.

I have tons of base products to use up.


Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Peachie Sweetie:
More than peach, it turns out like a soft pink of my cheeks. It's silky, pigmented, inexpensive and cute! What should I ask for more? Oh, it looks very natural on my as well!


L'oreal Carbon Gloss Liner: Wait for my rave review soon! I am loving that one!

L'Oreal Kajal Magique: A twitter friend compares it to Draupadi's saree. I have been using it like crazy, yet, haven't finished up evevn half of the content! I am getting bored of it now. I layer it up and that way, it becomes dark. the best part, on my oily lids, it stays put for hours!

Lakme Ikonic Mascara: I am loving the fact that it is washable. the want it good and you can easily coat your lashes through and through. Of course I won't compare it to Bourjois Volume Galmour Mascara. But as a budget mascara, it works!


Maybelline Colorshow GlitterMania Nail Polishes: I am in love with these! Removing these is a big pain though. But I can't do without them in my life ( well, at least for the moment and until I get bored... which is not happening soon).

Lip products!!! Well, I use a lot of them. But I am featuring only the ones I have been using the MOST!

Favorite Lip products of June July
L to R: Nyx Round Lipgloss in Peach, Avon Moist Matte Garnet , Lakme Enrich Satins 13, Lakme Oak Table

Nyx  Round Lipgloss: I have used up thw whole of Natural. Now the turn of this one. But recently, I am not liking it the best. perhaps because I prefer thick, sticky and moisturizing lipglosses. ( I know. I have my reasons).

Lakme Enrich Satins 135: Love this mauvish, bright pink. The texture is beautiful. For the price, it's one of the best.

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Oak Table: It's one of the most perfect mute light brown lipstick for my complexion. Wait for review and swatches. I am head over heels.

Avon Moist Matte Lipstick in Garnet: Ooooh! This is just gorgeous! Wait for my review.

Not included in this post. There are a few constant favorites I have which I have talked about sometime ago. Do check out that post as well.

That's all. Do tell me about your makeup favorites in the comment section. Curious as  cat that I am, I love reading those.