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The Nature's Co Tea Tree Hair Cream: Another excellent buy for troubled scalp and hair

These days I am trying to play more with my hair. No, I still don't heat style much except for blow dries and don't color my hair. ( I like my natural dark hair). But I do have oily scalp and it gets dandruff. rather, it used to have dandruff. I found some pretty amazing products. I had already reviewed Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff Hair oil and Anti dandruff cream which are highly effective. I wanted a leave in which would nourish my hair and scalp as well.

Photo and review of The Nature's Co Tea Tree Cream
The photo is blurry I know. But the cream is still effective. :D

Right at that moment, I came across The Nature's Co Tea Tree Hair Cream.I had tried their Anti Dandruff Hair Oil and honestly, I was highly pleased. ( I am planning to repurchase it once my current
stash of hair products are exhausted). Anyway, back to the cream, there are some reasons why I picked it up.

  1. It contains tea tree oil which helps dandruff.
  2. It nourishes the hair.
  3. I can blow dry after application.
  4. It's not very expensive. ( Not aware of the current pricing though.)

Since I HAVE to blow dry, plus I was plagued by scalp issues, I wanted to pick it up no matter what. Anyway, when I visited the store, I found there was some kind of offer going on. Well, definitely, that's a bonus.

What I feel about the product:
 It's a thick cream which smells of tea tre oil.

It's not extremely oily. But a pea size amount is sufficient. I mostly rub that in my palms and massage it on my scalp and hair. More than that amount, my hair weighs down.
I have tried blow drying and did not see anything exquisite. But, when I let my hair air dry after using this, or just used a diffuser, my wavy hair got defined beachy waves and looks lustrous and shiny.
Well, if your hair is fine like mine, don't expect your hair to look too bouncy. But the volume and bounce that is still retained, I am happy.

  • My scalp doesn't get smelly or itchy. ( not at least in three days.)
  • The dandruff stays at bay.
  • My hair feels softer and stronger.
  • It looks lustrous.
  • On air drying, my hair is less frizzy and the waves are more defined.
  • My scalp actually feels soothed. This is the best part perhaps.
  • I can blow dry after using this.

What I don't like:
  1. The obvious fact that this is not available in drugstores and a lot of ladies and gentlemen with issues like mine is missing this.
  2. I usually don't like the staff in the only outlet in Kolkata. They are too pushy or just won't care. If I am trying to browse through, they would just breathe on my neck like a watch dog. I almost said ' Hello! Have you heard of personal space'? Else, I have to keep asking for help. I am curious about what goes on in their mind.
In short, my instore experience is not the best.

As for the Tea Tree Hair Cream, if I am able to finish the huge quantity in this lifetime, I am surely repurchasing.  No, if I can finish up, well and good. If I don't, once it expires, I am buying a new tube.

125 ml for 315 INR is going to last your for ages.

My recommendation: If you have oily, sticky scalp with some dandruff etc. and you don't mind losing a bit of your volume and bounce, go for this one. It's one of the best hair treatments around.

As for me, yes, I love it.