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Of moonlight and hills, longwalks and pine and jasmine and happy memories...

I wanted to write a post about my dream perfume. But I never had an opportunity. Sometime ago, I saw that there was a contest going on from Godrej and incidentally the topic was perfect. This is an entry. But no, I don't have the eye on the prize. It's more about my memory and my perfume which I had always wanted to share.
Mahabeleshwar Maharasthra
This photo is from my Mahabaleshwar trip

When I was ten, we went holidaying at Ranikshet, Kaushani, Almora and Nainital. I was so young, but the memory of the trip still brings back the dreamy memory and yes, the memory is olfactory as well.

Before we took the trip, one day, my father was traveling in a local train. He bought an exotic roll on
vial of Jasmine oil. ( Or was it from a grocery store?). He gave it to me and I was delighted. Yes, it was my first perfume. On our trip, I put it in the suitcase. But, because of the altitude, the lowered pressure caused a trick and most of the oil seeped out and spread on the garment.
 The result? Everything started smelling of lovely Jasmine. Instead of being sad, I was actually delighted that the scent of Indian Jasmine was everywhere. But the twist lies elsewhere and the happy memory.

I love the hills. Most of you already know that.  The memory which comes back is a certain evening walk at Ranikshet. There was not a single human being in sight and we took a less used road. Tall dark forests of pine were on both the sides.

The clear air, the dark forests and the beautiful scent of pine overwhelmed me. It was full moon and the moon was up flooding everything with white light. The moonlight fell on the pines and the dark leaves glistened. At places, the foliage overshadowed the road and the white light seeped in and made patterns on the ground which danced around in the gentle breeze.

My uncle asked me to sing a song. As we walked, I sang a lonely note about full moon and tube roses.Yes, it was a Tagore song. The silent cool hills, and the breeze and everything felt in perfect harmony. The tranquility made me feel that the hills were listening to me and loved me.

The fresh scent of pine and the light whiff of lingering scent of Jasmine from my clothes blended in and I remember the feeling of happiness and the freshness of the scent.

Even today,I remember the scent around me. No, it's not the pure scent of Jasmine. I think if I could make my perfume, the top note would be that of Jasmine, but the  base note should contain notes of pine.

And as I lie on my bed moonbathing and the moonlight floods around,I wish I could have that scent. I wish I could go back to that place and take the walk again. I wish I could smell that scent and be carefree.

I hope that someday a brand makes this scent.Perhaps I could relive the memory over and over again.