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By Simantini:
 Editor's Note:There are plenty of suggestions about what to wear and what makeup to wear at office. Well, that often confuses me because, there are plenty of professions and each profession has its own demands. But, most neglected of this kind of posts are the ones for teachers and professors. No, if you are living in the west, things are different. But here in India, there are preconceived notions about teachers. It’s a profession where you have to be very professional, but deal with your students and colleagues in an apparent friendly impersonal manner. No, there is no hypocrisy involved. You cannot have a robot for a teacher at the same time, an overtly friendly one often faces issues with establishing authority. And when you are dealing with 100 students in one class, it’s not a very easy job if you ask me.
Likewise, the attire and everything also has to be finely balanced between professional and casual. Simi, who has been teaching for more than a year by now, has perfect solution with her own regimen and suggestions. Over to you Simi.

 Gone are the days when becoming a teacher was almost synonymous to becoming a nun. Teachers weren’t then supposed to be wearing bright clothes or any makeup. Well, I am a teacher in one of the reputed schools of Kolkata, and here being presentable is given brownie points. So, here is a post on the things I use every day. Just some basic things for summer. They are almost completely different for the winter, though.

Makeup essentials for teachers
A small but the most effective kitty!

ORIFLAME SUN CARE PHOTOSTABLE SUN LOTION WITH SPF10 – The SPF isn’t much welcoming, but the again I don’t have to stay in the sun for more than 15minutes. And I need a tiny bit of
it, and doesn’t make me sweat after the initial 15minutes of application. May be I will try the Lotus or Lakme 9to5 range after this one is done with. I got it for offer price at 200 INR.
ORIFLAME COMPACT – Then I move on to the compact, and I carry it in my bag. This one is inexpensive enough for regular use, but doesn’t compromise with the quality. And has a mirror with it as well, so is a good buy for daily wear. This one costs about 249 INR.
CINTHOL DEODRANT – Somehow I love the brand. Mostly because of its strong smell. I am not very fond of the mild ones, especially during the summers. So, I try all the different variety of smells from Cinthol, and this month I am loving the blue “Dive”. I guess this one comes at about 150 INR.
ORIFLAME EYESHADOW – Then come the eyes. I love this nude palette from Oriflame. Just the shades for regular wear. What’s more amazing is that it doesn’t wear off even after 6hours in non-ac environment and my excessive sweating! I am simply in love with this collection, and might get another variant of it when they give it on offer price! This one costs a whooping 550 INR approximately, but I got it at the offer price of 250 INR!
MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL KAJAL – Now that I have tried both Colossal and Lakme Eyeconic, I think both are somewhat same in quality, though Eyeconic costs a tad bit more. I like both, and just choose the one available at my nearest store. This costs about 150 INR.
ORIFLAME WONDERLASH WATERPROOF MASCARA – I had been using Maybelline Colossal mascara when I saw this one at a offer price of about 200 INR. And so I decided to try it, and have been liking it increasingly since then! It’s not totally wonderful, but given that I go for work and not party, I think the effect is just perfect.
FOR  LIPS? – I choose from ‘coral’ to ‘ruby red’ to ‘baby pink’ to ‘nude beige’ to even ‘plum’ depending on my mood and the dress. The usual brands are Lakme, Oriflame and Maybelline.

Simi is an English teacher in one of the reputed schools in Calcutta. And the beauty with brains ventilates her vanity here. But the intellectual part finds place in her own blog Dare to Dream.