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What to expect... henceforth: Announcements you want to read

Ladies, I had planned to do a few things on this space and I had already been doing them. But I wanted to make them feel like an announcement ( I don't know why. But I am feeling like making an announcement!) and so, here I go again.
 Beauty Chitchat
The photo has no purpose other than ornation. :D Chill! This is not a review

1 My reviews: yes, I don't like doing reviews in clinical way anymore. This space is about ME and my personal impressions. So, I don't care to go through all the details of listing the components and what the brand claims and etc. etc. and etc.
 I would provide those information only if I feel those are particularly necessary. Whatever the
composition and the claims are, ultimately my reviews are based on my experience and that is the part you always read. So, I just don't want to bother and I don't bother either.

I don't care if a product contains horse shit ( unless horses are harmed in anyway... not to offend horses FYI). But if horse shit is working for me in particular, I would definitely mention it. Else not.

2 Yes, I would ( perhaps) talk about my life a bit. I am actually a very private person and don't like to talk about everything which goes on in my life. For example, I might be getting married at the end of next year. Or the fact that I have known my boyfriend since high school or I had been in long distance relationship for over five years. :D if you want, I would definitely share the story or give your some relationship advice.

3 I plan to blog more regularly. I know. I almost begin with this in every post. The problem is that, this year has not been the best in terms of my health and the fragility is now becoming upsetting.

4 I might include more lifestyle posts including restaurant reviews. I am a great foodie. But the problem is, the moment food arrives, I eat up before I remember shooting. :D

FOUR announcements! yes four! Do you think that I am running the country that I would present a full budget and plans for the next five years?
Be happy with these as of now and stalk me in this place.

Leave me a comment and make me smile. I feel very rewarded!