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Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipsticks in Poppy Cream and Cherry Pearl: Luxury brands at drugstore price.

 I have had these lipsticks for a long time and honestly, every time I use them, I fall in love over and over again. Where do I start?

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick Poppy Cream  Cherry Peral
L to R: Poppy Cream, Cherry Pearl

These were my first lipsticks from any luxury brand. But mind, these are not beyond affordable or price
at some mind-boggling digits.

Elizabeth ARden Color INtrigue Effect Lipsticks
How do you like the cases?

My Experience: The very first thing I noticed was the heavy and fine finish of the case. It feels so full in the hands ( no pun intended :D ) I mean, right at the beginning, you get the feel that it is different.

Review of Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipsticks
Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipsticks: Poppy Cream and Cherry Pearl

As for the lipsticks, they are perfect! They are creamy, but not too creamy to break and the pigmentation is good!

Poppy Cream is a deep warm red while Cherry Pearl is a pearlescent rose pink color.

The glide nicely and two swipes would give perfect finish. They never felt uncomfortable on my lips at least.
Swatches of Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream and Cherry Pearl
L: Poppy Cream R: Cherry Pearl

As for the staying power, Poppy Cream lasts longer than Cherry pearl and stains the lips a wee bit; nothing too bothersome though and frankly, I prefer lipsticks which stain and don't leave my lips bare.

Lip swatch of Cherry Pearl Elizabeth Arden Lipstick
Cherry Pearl

Two years back, these were priced somewhere around 650 INR. Not sure about the current pricing though.

Lipswatch of Poppy Cream
Poppy Cream

Shall I repurchase? I would love to. But I have more lipsticks to use up.

Verdict: If you want to try out something from a high-end brand for the feel of it, yet want it to fit your budget, these lipsticks might be the ones you are looking for.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks?