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Fiama Di Wills Couture Spa for Replenishing Care Shower Gel

Luxury is my poison, and whenever I see words like ‘luxurious’, ‘indulge’, ‘drown yourself’ or ‘exclusive’ or anything remotely similar, I give it a second look. So when I was surfing the internet to try a new shower gel, two things stopped me at the instant of this bottle’s sight – ‘pure indulgence’ and the bright colour!

Fiama di Wills Shower Gel
Fiama di Wills Shower Gel

How much did it cost me?
I bought the 200ml bottle for 135 INR, but the MRP is 150 INR, as far as I can remember.

How does it look and smell?
The smell isn’t too strong, which I quite like. It has a bubbly cherry colour, and lathers well on the loofah.
What does it contain?
It claims to contain Patchouli, a herb from the mint family, and Macadamia, a kind of Australian nut. The other ingredients are listed the picture.
What is the expert’s (read : my opinion)
It’s nothing extraordinary, not that I expected anything worthy of Cleopatra at this cost. But it’s definitely good. It isn’t too creamy which refuses to let go of your skin, and neither is it too drying on the skin. It’s refreshing, for sure.
Would I recommend and re-purchase?
Recommend, I would surely. But I would like to try the various other variants available in the market once I finish off this bottle.
Till then, happy bathing!!!