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Tried and tested: How I use beauty products in different ways... cheat methods for the lazier ones.

I wanted to give you some tried and tested ideas to use beauty products in ways you perhaps normally don't do. Some are known while some are not that common.

This is going to be about my experience.

Shower gel as hair cleanser: No, don't be aghast. It started with me unmindfully using Fiama di Willis
shower gel instead of a shampoo and I found that it cleansed my hair so well! And indeed it left my hair soft and shiny! Ever since,

I have also used my The Body Shop shower gels to deep clean my hair. I always followed up with a good dose of conditioner and it take care!

Note: Don't use shower creams which are heavy or leave residue. I tried the same trick with my Lux Shower gel and regretted it. Use only clear gels.

Lip Balms: Yes, on the go, in case I have forgotten to carry a moisturizer, for the corners of the mouth or just around the eyes, I would rub a little between my fingers are get rid of the dryness.

Note: Don't make this a habit. Lip balms are too heavy and might give you milia instead.
Loofah for feet: Honestly, I don't go for regular pedicures. Rather, I don't have time. What I do instead is, since I use a loofah almost regularly, I would rub it on my feet. Occasionally I would scrub my nails with a nail brush. It takes care.

Body lotions and creams for feet: Sometimes, I am too caught up to apply a foot cream. In stead, while applying the body lotion on the whole body, I rub in a generous amount on my feet. Since, the loofah scrubbing and moisturizing happens almost regularly, I don't have to sweat.

Note: No note here.

Lipstick as blusher: Yes, this is an age old trick. But I never tried it out until recently. I was hanging around at my friend's. I forgot to carry my little kit. I found I had only my BB Cream, compact and a lipstick. I put on the lipstick.I applied the BB Cream. Next I dabbed on some lipstick on my cheeks and patted it in. I topped it off with the compact powder and voila! I had a wonderful flush which looked so natural as well!

I hope you liked these tips. I have a few more. I would share them soon.

In case you have such tried and tested tricks, don't keep it to yourself. For the benefit of beauty addicts and women on the go who love to take care, do share it in the comments. I might compile them as well.