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Khadi Anti-Pimple Face Pack: Does it clean up the skin?

Khadi is a brand towards which I am , I admit partial. Yes, it's the brand of the Government of India. I feel by using Khadi, I am supporting the cottage industry and it's so indigenious! In fact, in hot summers, I prefer wearing only the cotton fabrics from Khadi. Anyway, ramblings apart, I started trying out Khadi products for sometime. In Kolkata, the Khadi consumable goods are not abundant.

Khadi Anti Pimple Face Pack for oily skin
Not the best image I know. But still works.

Still, they are pretty much available. I had reviewed the Jasmine Moisturizer here and the Rose Moisturizer here. It's turn for the anti pimple pack now.

Let me start by saying, IT WORKS! I had mentioned that with regular use of face packs, my breakouts and acne is much in control.

Then how do I know?

I mix multani mitti with the powder and then make a paste and apply. When I use religiously, my skin stays fresh. Since I have been using quite a few face packs, it was hard to tell the difference in the beginning. But, sometime back, I got a huge gross pink bump rising it's head to say hello. I put on the pack and on the next day, the bump was gone. I used right on the day next again and my skin looked like nothing was there before! It means, in a single application, the bump was gone!

What about pimples which have already formed? I did not have a major pimple situation. But yes, I had the irritated acne situation. It calmed my skin down and things got better after a couple of uses.

What does not cut through?
  1. I prefer ready face packs. This one has to be made into a paste. I feel that's a bummer. I prefer ready to use ones.
  2. Availability. This is a huge problem.

Verdict: I like this face pack and it's good to use everyday as well. It helps keeping the skin clean. For 85 INR, it's pretty inexpensive.

Because of Neem and other herbal mixes, it smells really fresh and nice.

If I come across this facepack again, I am surely repurchasing.

What are your feelings towards Khadi?