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Lakme Glide On Eye pencils still apprear in my dreams! Swatches of Four Lakme Glide On Eye Pencils

This swatch post has been waiting since eternity. Due to some reasons I do not know of, I some how never managed to put this up.
Lakme Glide on Eye pencils
I love how colorful they look!
And the swatches

Swatches of Lakme Glide on Eye Pencils
Aren't they gorgeous?

 In one of my Monthly Empties post, I had thrown plenty of these pencils away. I had previously swatched Maybelline Vivid Pencils here.

 Now it's turn for the Lakme pencils. I have forgotten their names. Let us rename them by what we see. :D
Lakme Color Liners
Some more eye candies

And more photos
Gide on eye pencil swatches
Looks at the teal!

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