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Maybelline's Baby Lips in Anti Oxidant Berry is travelling with me everywhere.

I had promised earlier that there is going to be a lipbalm galore over here. So, here goes another lipbalm in my stash which I love!
I hate dry or chapped lips. So, even in summers, I do wear lipbalms. The idea of my skin drying up in the sun just feels scary. Along came Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti Oxidant Berry.
Maybelline Baby Lips
Isn't it cute?

This one earns a special brownie point because it contains SPF 20. The outer package mentioned the exact level. But I have quite forgotten. ( hit me!). I think it contains SPF 20 which enough to provide
good protection.

My Experience: It smells so good! The cute baby blue and baby pink packing is sweet and feminine in a good way.

Maybelline Baby Lips photo and review
It smells delicious!
 As for the product, it moisturizes my lips beautifully. I think it also plumps up my lips slightly. ( or may be it's the model with huge plump lips which gives me that idea.) In any case, I like how it goes over and moisturizes. Isn't that what we are looking forward to?

I am not getting into pros and cons. For the Pros, you can read the above paragraph. Besides, since Maybelline is available everywhere, you can find this almost everywhere.
FYI: A grocery store near my place also sells these lipbalms.

I had already bought one tube. A few days later, I received another tube. Since, I am liking this lipbalm, the more the merrier!

Price: 4gm for 125 INR. You may find discounts as I did.

The post contains one press sample. But my opinion is honest.