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More of Alternative uses of beauty products: Quick fixes!

This is a continuation of the earlier post which I called Alternative uses of Beauty products. This one is not exactly the alternative uses. But here goes some other things I do which might help you.
How to use beauty products in different ways?
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Skin so dry in winters that body lotions or creams are not working well: My skin is extremely dry in winters. I love massaging coconut oil. it not only helps my skin glow, but keeps the dryness away. But
who wants only oil all over?

I would pour out some body lotion or cold cream on my palm and then pour out/scoop out a little coconut oil and rub them together and massage it on my body. That way, in case your body lotion was too light, it would work. In case, you find everything too light for your dry skin it would work. Since there is some oil, you would be able to massage for a while.

Everything gets soaked into the skin. Massage helps the cellulite break down, makes your skin glow and no stickiness.

Note: You can use any other body oil as well.

Don't like a deo? It has happened to me earlier: I wasn't the best fan of a deo. I mean, the scent was alright, but not the kind I would want to wear round the clock. I sprayed them into my curtains and my room smells good!

( There is no chance of my room smelling stale because I get way too much of sunlight and air. Yes, I am lucky. I can lie on my bed and the moonlight sometimes feels too strong for peaceful slumber.)

Note: If you deo leaves residue, don't try this trick. Else, the curtain would need a washing next.

Lip Balm for cuticles: Thankfully my hands are low maintenance. Yet, Some times, I do get the peeling skin round the nails. Or, sometimes, after a bath, my cuticles do feel dry. The quickest fix I found is just rub a bit of your waxy lipbalm on and massage them. I like how my nails look after that.

Note: Common sense sayd, you should use colored balms at your own risk. :D

This is all I have got as of now. Do feel free to add to the list.

See you soon!