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My Mega Collective Haul of July and August: The Body Shop, Kiehl's and more.

Hauls are always so much fun. Perhaps not to every one. But who can resist shopping? These days, I try to keep myself from mindless purchases. But well, a girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do. So I hauled and I hauled well. I did not purchase everything at a go. But yes, I spanned them out.Here goes my stuff.
My July August Haul

I found The Body Shop Loose Powder and those bronzing pearls on 50% discount. I myself needed a loose powder. My Lakme Rose Powder suffices. But, it is more on the cool side. For those special days, I need something warm. I was eyeing Kryolan Translucent powder. But it costs around 900 bucks
I think for 40 grams. But seeing this one on sale and 14 grams is good for me, I quickly reached out.

The Body Shop Loose Powder

I also wanted the Bronzing Pearls for a long time. I know I have a ton of bronzers and blushers,but these look so cute! ( My little niece wanted a bead :D )

The Body Shop Bronzing Pearls

The Body Shop also had these GWP and I couldn't say no to the Tea Tree Face Washes.
The Body Shop Tea Tree face Wash
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I visited Kiehl's. My hair feels very dry and no amount of serum is much helping. I needed something intensely moisturizing, yet lightweight. I heard much raves about their Formula 33. I wanted a bottle of it. So, when I was in the situation to visit the mall, I couldn't help buying. ( They generously gave me a few samples. :D )
Kiehl's Formula 33 in India
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Fabindia Body Mists: I needed something gentle. Since, I have no major odor issues, light mists work for me.
Fabindia Body Mists

Biotique Serum: If you do the math, 35 ml for 155 INR really expensive. Perhaps, even more than Kiehl's Formula 33.
Nivea Lip balms

Nivea Lipbalms:
Yes, I went bonkers. I found a BOGO offer. Plus, the store I buy from gives me a flat 10% discount. So, it was a lot cheaper.
Garnier Pure Active range

Garnier Pure Active Face Wash and face Scrub:
Salicylic acid is really good for my skin type. So, I got this face wash. The scrub is powerful yet mild. Had to buy!

Streetwear new range photos

You had already seen the Streetwear range in the first impressions. So, no details.

Avon Lipsticks samples

Avon Lipstick samples.
I had received a sample from the moist matte range and loved it. ( review soon). So, when my rep who happens to be a friend said that miniature samples for the representatives are available, I had to order.The other pack is of the Color Rich which I LOVE!

Shower gels in India

Last but not the least, I have finally used up all my body washes and needed new bottles. I love Fiama di Wills Shower gels. But, I easily get bored. So, got a Palmolive one which smells so tangy!

That's it for now. I am not hauling very soon. ( Even though I need a few things soon! )

Stay tuned for posts.