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I'm glad because My Envy Box of July shows that the brand is listening to us.

My posts had been delayed because of recurrent illness and this post is coming when I have already received my Envy Box of August. However, I feel that so far
My Envy Box of July
That looks pretty satisfactory. Doesn't it?

My Envy Box of July has been the best box so far. Why?

Look at the number of samples. Not only the samples are bigger in size than before, the number has also
increased. Besides, it contained just the products I personally loved.

Kama Ayurveda Brigandi Hair Tonic
The cute triplets. :D
Kama Ayurveda Hair Tonic. There are three 10 ml vials and I have already used three times of the tonic from a vial and am still left with at least half of it. Yes, honestly, I am surprised. Since there are three bottles altogether, I am sure it's going to last me for some time , enough to form an opinion and get back again.
They belong to the same family

Kama Ayurveda Non Foaming powder cleanser. No, this is not the typical 'powder cleanser' you are seeing on youtube. But this is a herbal mixture. I was particularly happy to see this one because I was on the look out for a very very mild cleanser just to wash off the light oils on my face in the morning.

The treat did not end here.

My Envy Box of July Samples
They belong to the family called 'sachets'. :D
There were two sachets of L'Occitane leave in Hair cream, each sachet contains 6 ml which should give quite a few uses. ( I am more getting into hair products these days and trying out different things.)

A little Sachet of Eminence Organics Balancing red Currant Concentrate.

 And another tiny tube of Avene Sunscreen.
Little tube, come to momma!

There were lots of discount coupons. I was too excited about the Kama Ayurveda products, especially the cleanser. But to my dismay, I found they were missing on the website.
However, I am still pretty happy.

Suggestions to the brand: My Envy Box is evolving and the curve has been impressive. I understand that these are luxury brands. I still would look forward to a surge in the number of samples included.
The July Box is the most satisfactory so far. I am loving it!