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My July trash! Oops! What I am getting rid of in July.

My trash of July is a modest one compared to the previous month's. But I think I still deserve as applause for religiously doing this. Moreover, in the long run, sometimes, my opinion changes on certain products... sometime, the results feel more conspicuous. In short, long term use forms better opinion. Anyway. Here is what I got rid of. I am feeling too lazy. Unless, I have a different opinion, I am not going into much details this time. For the reviews, do visit the pages. Just follow the links.

July Empties
The Trash

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo and Conditioner:
I have , by now used at least  bottles each of these
I think. My entire family loves Sunsilk ( so do I).

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo
I need to repurchase these

Vaseline Cocoaglow Body Lotion: Love!

Nivea Whitening Deodorant: The last of my fourth bottle. Not that I was going gaga. I happened to buy a whole set. Since I don't use much of deos ( I don't get body odor easily), the four took me more than two years to finish up. In fact, I think I don't even know about the recent launches of deodorants from other brands. That's so silly!

Vaseline Cocoaglow Body Lotion Nivea Deodorant
Looks so familiar.


VLCC Clear Tan Face Pack: I had done an express review in my July skin favorites I think. Full review coming up soon.
What I used up in July
Wait up for the reviews.

Vedic Line Avocado Scrub: It's nice. But I have found better options.

Pond's White Beauty Face Wash: Ok. Here, I cheated a bit . My family uses it. A tiny amount gives nice soft lather. They like it not to get white or light, but it's a nice face wash. Sometimes, I do reach out for it too.
Best Body Shop products for Oily skin
Body Shop Products I would repurchase

The Body Shop Favorites:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser: LOVE!! I want to buy another bottle. Keeping an eye on the offers now.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser:
Love! Can't get enough!! The price is killing! ( somebody gift it to me please. :P ) 
No more cream shadows for me please

Streetwear Fx Girl Cream eyeshadows: These have been there in my stash for a long time. And dirt has eventually accumulated. Eeeks! I am promptly throwing away.

A long time relationship

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream: Not in the pic because I forgot to shoot it. Love!

Cute! That's the word!

A tiny Perfume: This one is way too old. At least 7 years back, I located this cute bottle in a store. The scent isn't the best. But for a cute 50 buck bottle, couldn't let it go. Recently, sprayed it on my curtains and used it up. :P

No more this month. Come on. Poor little me! I can't single handedly finish up more than this!

See you in the next post.