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The perfect 10 of July: My skincare favorites of July!

July is almost at it's fag end and I wanted to share with you a few skin favorites of the month. There are 10 products overall and without much ado, I want to dig in.
Skincare favorites of July
Meet the Perfect 10

The Body Shop Tea Tree face Wash: I have been using this for quite sometime now. I did not like it at first. But now, I consider it as one of the best face washes I have used. But it's extremely expensive. So, I have to wait for another sale and see if I can get hold of it. In the meantime, I am checking out tea tree face wash from some other brands.

Cleansers for oily skin
The Cleansing and Toning favorites

Kiehl's Face Wash: This is just the mild cleanser I was looking for. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser did not see my through July but saw me through quite a few months though. I reached out for this one next. In the morning, I don't want a tough cleanser since there is no dirt or grime. I just need to wash off the oil or whatever secretes naturally. This one is just so mild. And oh my God! It smells of delicious coconut! true, it doesn't lather much. But a teeny weeny amount is good enough for my entire face and I love it!

Liz Earle Toner: Ok. I am lazy. I don't use toners regularly. I try to though. This one is one of the mildest toners I have come across. But the price is killing. if you live in the UK and have extra bucks to spare, do give the brand  try. My  favorite is the Hot Cloth Polish.
skin care for women of color
Not too many. But effective.

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream: I have used quite a few pots and it's one of the most inexpensive, economic and yet effective products for my oily skin. It nourishes my skin. I love it!

Olay Cream and serum duo: I have used up the whole of it. What you see inside is some sunscreen I put in because I needed to have it handy.

L'Oreal Aqua Essence UV Protect Fluid: It offers complete protection. It worked well in summers and is still seeing me through. I use it as a base to my foundation or BB Cream or whatever and I won't have to worry about my skin.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum: I have saved the last bit and I am using it as a base to my Kryolan foundation if I am going out in the evenings. It's working amazing as a primer/base. I might repurchase just to use it as a primer. 
face packs for pimple
These are deadly in healing acne, pimples or break outs

VLCC Fairness Face Pack: It keeps my skin in perfect condition. Instead of fairness or anything, it dries up and keeps blemishes away. In case I have irritated an acne and it acted up, the only product which takes care of the infection apaprt from my medicated anti biotic gel is this face pack. It just dries up and takes care right in two uses.

Khadi Anti Pimple Face Pack: It's a good and refreshing face pack. But I did not notice anything miraculous. It smells good. but the herbs tend to fall off when it dries. I mix some Fuller's Earth or Multani Mati to make it goopy.

Multani Mati: It's just a local brand and I love using Multani mati and any clay or mud based face pack. Those work the best for my skin.

So, here is my perfect ten for skin this July. What's your's?