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Vaseline LipTherapy SPF 15 surely glides around like breeze

This one is a long pending post. Yes. Somehow, I like the product, but never manage to review. In fact, the photos have been there with me since ages and by now, a considerable length of the bullet has been used up as well.
Vaseline Lip Therapy SPF 15
I like the translucent rosy color! But no, it won't add any color to your lips.

When Vaseline had launched their Lip Therapy, I found they were good for dry lips. But something was
missing. I later happened to realize that they were heavy as well as dry. I mean not the dryness you understand, but dry enough to be difficult to spread.

 photo of Vaseline lipbalm
The color of the package made me fall in love

Sometime ago, Vaseline relaunched it's lipbalms and this new avatar is way better than it's previous one.


The lipbalm is lightly tinted though it won't leave any tinge of color. It smells citrous... a kind of scent which makes me literally drool. There is not a single time when I have not taken a sniff before application.
As for the product itself, it just glides round. It's not at all tick and on your lips it feels like molten butter... can't be layered thickly to let it stay overnight.

If you try layering, your lips would just look glossy. It moisturizes but not the kind for extremely dry lips or this is not an overnight treatment.

Why not my 'essential'?

If you are fond of light lipbalms, this is your poison. As for me, I prefer lipbalms with a little bit of sunscreen in the day time and thick and heavy balms for night night. This one does  fulfill one of those demands since it contains SPF15. But, it's not really a staple.For the scent and the texture, I might repurchase.

Price: around 100 INR for 4 grams ( I think. I am not sure because I threw away the outer package.)

P.S.  If you are allergic to petroleum based products, take a look at the ingredient list because I can't remember.)

Product by the brand. Honest review.