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VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face pack: Modest but deadly

Yes, that was a tacky title for a product I have been using for more almost two years by now. I had bought a sachet of this  VLCC Clear tan Fruit Face Pack pack in order to remove my tan. But, I rather found a gem. After the sachets got used up, I went ahead and on finding this on a BOGO offer, I had to buy. How could I not?
Review of VLCC Anti Tan Face Pack
VLCC Anti Tan Face Pack: Modest but deadly

My Experience: (This part covers all the pros as well.)

It's a normal creamy clay based pack ( and contains some other ingredients). It's very smooth and goes
over the skin nicely with a  faint fresh minty-muddy scent. ( Nothing too harsh). It looks completely white and feels nice on the skin. Let me jump to the best part.

  • I had quite a few break outs from irritated acne which had turned septic and painful. On using this mud pack, they all dried up and in a day or of consecutive uses, they not only dried up, but started flaking exposing new skin.
  • I have used it when I get acne break out. It calms to the skin smoothens those bumps.
  • It works for pimples.
  • Washing is not a pain. And the skin actually feels smoother.

I try to use it ( when I do) as a part of my night time ritual. Face pack CTM and in the morning, the tiredness, excessive oiliness and the bumps would simply go away.


I really have no complaints against this Face pack. I am head over heels and I have already used up a whole tube. I am currently on my second tube
and surely, I am repurchasing it as long as VLCC keeps producing this pack.

For 195 INR, I got way more than what I paid for.

Do you know of any miracle face packs as well? Do share if you do.