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Why and how many times did I get smitten by Kama Ayurveda? Once, twice... and thrice!

Well, this post is going to be a rave one. But it's an interesting one. So, brace yourselves!

Why I am smitten? There are plenty of reasons.

I had received Kama Ayurveda's Brigandi hair tonic and Mridul non foaming cleanser in one of MY Envy Boxes. I had tried the tonic and I was surprised by the tiny amount I needed to cover my scalp and the scent and how it made my hair soft. Yes, I am now surely going to review it. By the way, I also loved the scent.

Kama Ayurveda Best Sellers
These two made me fall!

I was also glad because the Mridul Cleanser was exactly what I need in my life. So, I got twice


I love going to the hills. I had done a post over here and it was completely true. I love the hills, the placid cool ambiance... the scent of pine and deodars which has an unusually calming effect on my frayed nerves. I cannot express how I love that scent. It permeates my whole body.

What did Kama Ayurveda do?

 They have the essential oil of PINE!! Would you believe that! And it smells like real pine... every time I go to the hills, I would bring the raw pine cones which drip laquer and the scent... ooh! I love them! The essential oil got me sorted here.

PIne Essential Oil
My Precious!! ( Pine Essential Oil)

I got smitten for the third time! How?

The NEXT crush: They have the Himalayan Deodar scent in Men's range! It is just heavenly. I can't get enough of the scent. The regret I have is that the deodar range has body wash, hair cleanser, conditioner... nothing which would last on the skin. Plus, the quantity is way too small. I don't want the scent in my skincare. I want it as an essential oil which I would use for my custom perfume. Plus, a scent like that must not be put to such narrow use!

Himalayan Deodar Shampoo and Conditioner
Someday I am going to posses you darlings!

In short, every other herbal or ayurvedic or aromatherapy brand, has the same old essential oils and the scents. But Kama Ayurveda not only has something different, they have exactly what I wanted for such a long time.

Men's range Kama Ayurveda
The only brand where men have it all!

MY EARNEST WISH: I have already twitted, but not sure if they would take it seriously, I really really want an essential oil in the deodar scent.

 I need it badly. And in case they do come out one, I swear I am going to be their first customer!

I had visited their store. Stay tuned for my exclusive store experience.