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Avon Color Rich Matte Garnet: My Fall Crush! ( Lips of the Day)

If you remember, in one of my posts, I had shown that Avon had sent me a couple of products. To be frank, I like the color cosmetics from Avon. They have always worked for me.

Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet
Meet Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet: My perfect fall color

I particularly love the Color Rich Collection. However, these days, I suddenly crave matte colors ( Blame it on MAC's Ruby Woo! ) and on seeing these are 'matte', I was curious. I have been sent Matte
Garnet. Unfortunately, both of them are same shades. :(

Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet photo
Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet

My experience: These are matte, they are far from being 'dry and matte'.Rather these are extremely creamy, but do not have the shine of the normal lipsticks.

On my dry lips, after a while, the creaminess goes away, yet the color remains as intense and comfortable. Isn't that great?

Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet Lip swatch
Lipswatch of Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet

The case is nice as well. It doesn't feel flimsy and the top is transparent which makes it very easy to locate on the go.
Berry Lips for Fall
Yes, not the best LOTD, still works!

Matte Garnet: It is a rich, bright garnet color... somewhere close to being maroon and berry, yet vibrant on the lips. It's going to make a great color for fall.I am wearing it more frequently these days when I want to wear something rich and bold, but do not want to delve into boring maroons or deep browns which make me look so dull!

  • Creamy and matte texture.
  • Intense color
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • Affordable at somewhere around 280 INR ( On offer I think).
  • Some colors are simply breath-taking.
All the colors of Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet

Although the quality is awesome, the color selection isn't the best. Only a few are sunny colors while the rest browns. I wish there were magenta and fuchsia.

Shall I repurchase? I loved them so much that I wanted them all! Since that would be madness, my reperentative kindly agreed to sell me a sampler box and I think I am eternally grateful to her for that.

I am definitely picking up more colors. I also wish they do come up with wider selection.

Verdict: I love these lipsticks!! I do recommend these!

Post contains one PR Sample.