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Isadora BB Cream: All in one base makeup with SPF12 Tan 05 and Bronzer 09

Base products always please me. Rather the sight of base products always delights be. Those who are not happy with their skins would relate. Naturally, when I found BB Creams in the kit from Isadora, I was delighted. It was the first product I tried on.

Isadora BB Cream
Isadora BB Cream

I was a bit crest fallen, because the color TAN 05 was darker for my skin. I thought I could still make
do, but it makes me look quite dull. But fret not, good products cannot go waste. Since, I myself have tanned, my Pond's BB Cream is slightly lighter. I mix these two BB Creams proportionately and voila! I am glowing with perfect skin!
Isadora BB Cream for colored skin
Swatches of Isadora BB Cream

I also received another color called Bronzer 09 which is way too dark for my skin. However, I plan to mix with some foundation and use it up.

BB Cream for colored skin
Isadora BB Cream: Tan+Bronzer

My Experience of the product itself: The product has no added fragrance as I feel which is because this whole line is supposed to be skin friendly. It is of medium consistency -- not runny, but not thick or creamy either. It spreads very easily and provides hydration and light cover hiding uneven skin tones, yet your major flaws would be still visible.
In short, it makes my skin look like my skin, but better.

Isadora BB Cream for NC40 NC45

The SPF 12 is good since these days, I am not staying outdoors much, but PA +++ would have been helpful ( I live in a tropical country! )

It is clinically tested.

What makes me especially happy? My colleagues have actually asked if I am going for regular salon visits because somehow I look so glowy and fresh! Come on, shouldn't I feel flattered?

Since I received a lot of products, I would be doing some everyday looks, rather, before going out, I would be clicking some photos to give you an idea. Until then... Bises

Product by the brand. Honest review.