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L'Oreal Anti-Hairfall Shampoo: Did it get my hair to stay rooted?

I have had these bottles with me for a long time. I find them very cute. Yes, 'cute' is the word. The duo side by side, kind of reminds me of penguins huddling together. Rather, baby penguins huddling together. Isn't that cute?
L'Oreal Anti hairfall shampoo
Don't they look like cute penguins?

My experience of the Shampoo: I have no opinion. Am I kidding you? No. It promises to prevent hair
fall which it did not. It did not add to the woe, neither did it add shine or softness or anything to my hair. It did not do any harm either. My hair would felt dirty in it's natural course in two days. There wasn't anything special it did or did not do.

Now , I hope you realize why I have nothing to say.

Shall I repurchase? No. No point.

My experience with the Conditioner:
It is better than the shampoo. Conditions the hair. But nothing extraordinary though.

Repurchase? Nah.

Overall impression: I do not hate this duo, neither do I have anything extraordinary to say.

Product by the brand. Honest review.