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My Envy Box of August made me happy at first, then broke my heart!

Ever since I started receiving the My Envy Boxes, I have always been curious about what comes in the next month's box. I have often criticized, praised, suggested and yes, the brand heard me.

My Envy Box
A bra ca da bra!
That the brand had taken care to hear me was impressive enough for me. I was extremely happy with My Envy Box of July. But did August box impress me enough?

My Envy Box
And Whooo!!
There were three samples from brand which were completely new. I was delighted, but then,
something happened ( sadly! ) I shall disclose that later.

Here is what I received sans one product.

Inside my envy box of August
Seems interesting?

2 sachets of L'Occitane Creme Radieuse. Tiny sachets which left me craving for more.

A sample of Perfume: I always love them. For some unknown reason, I keep hoarding them as well.

A Givenchy Eyemakeup consultancy: No I am not impressed. Moreover, there is no Givenchy in my city.
Nah, not happening for me

The three new brands
Natio Cosmetics in India
I am carrying this one on my trip

Natio Ageless Cleanser and Exfoliator. It's a 20 ml tube which is quite decent I must say.

Madara Moon Flower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid: I am so curious! I want to try them soon!

Here comes the heart breaking one

Epique Cosmetics
The heart breaker?

Epique Luminescence Cream: While the full size is 15 ml, the sample size was 5 ml. One third of the original quantity. This fact pleased in in particular. Then it broke my heart!

Epique Cream sample
See what I mean?

After a few days of my receipt, I opened the box to try the cream. To my horror, the crimp of the tube has come off on it's own. I mean, the crimp which sticks together, had separated and the cream had half solidified ( oxidized). I was so upset!

 I think I ought to get in touch with My Envy Box. No, they are not to be blamed here since it has arrived in good condition. But I think I ought to draw the attention to the faulty packing of the sample which they might elevate to the brand.

My Envy Box, are you listening?

Overall, my feelings about the August box is a mixed one. I wish there were more samples like there was in the July one.

What are your thoughts?

Box by the brand. Honest opinion.