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The Body Shop Camomile Cleanser: A gentle eye makeup remover

I am too finicky about cleansing. Yes, I am. Whatever I do, I always clean up the last trace of makeup. I like to keep my skin clean and over years the hard work has been paid off. My skin has got not only clearer, but the acne bouts are way in check.

I also have dry eyes. I like to take care of them. So, when I had heard of the Camomile Cleanser from
The Body Shop, I wanted a bottle. Looks like my Guardian Angel of Cosmetics hears me and at the Kingfisher event, I had received this as a part of the gift hamper.

You know how hung on to the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser I am. Still, something special like an eye cleanser is always good news.

My experience: The cleanser is watery. In fact, it feels like water. No residue, no color, not even viscous. Just a thin clear runny liquid. I soak my cleansing pads a bit and tried removing the makeup. Even though there is a variant for water proof make up, this one still works well. It leaves no residue of any kind whatsoever.

I still prefer to wash my face with a regular face wash which takes off most of my makeup including mascara ( I use the washable kind). Whatever trace of makeup is left, the cleanser takes care of that.


  1. Cleans effectively.
  2. No residue.
  3. Specially made for eyes and lips.
  4. Though I won't say 'It's cheap', 695INR for 250 ml, going by the calculation, it is cost effective than most of the drugstore variants. That way, one must not complain.



Shall I repurchase? I quite like it. But I prefer the Vitamin E Cream cleanser even better. Since, I have extremely happy with it, I would rather repurchase that one.

Recommendation: if you are looking for something cost effective and specially
formulated for eyes, get this one now. This one beats most of the other stuff available in the market.

What is your HG cleanser?

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