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My Lash Story: How I dealt with my lash fall, dry eyes, blepharitis and other issues

Many of you had complimented me on my long lashes. I could actually brag about my long lashes. Until, sometime ago, I had eye infection and lost most of it.
I have blepharitis which gets active at times and I lose lashes. Some two weeks ago, I had a bad eye infection and boy! It was so painful!

How to take care of eye lashes
I had already started losing my lashes.

After my visit to the dermatologist, I had been given some medicines
or my eyes. But, she also suggested me certain things which are helping not only in my
overall eye hygiene, but I see my lashes slowly growing back again!

So, I thought of coming up with my tried and tested habits for better lashes and overall eye hygiene.

Oh, by the way, the doctor actually laughed when I asked if I should stop wearing eye makeup. She was rather amused at why a young person like me should stop wearing eye makeup! ( You want to see the same doctor? :D )

1 No more waterproof mascara: I have actually stopped using the waterproof mascara for a long time and already noticed the change.

Struggling with the removal process is a big pain. Moreover, that weakens the lashes and you want to go way more gentle. I prefer the washable variants which I can just wash off with a cleanser.

( Yes, I would rather stand the risk of having runny mascara than losing my lashes. Besides, I don't care. No one is immaculate. If my mascara gets runny, I would simply wipe it off with a tissue!)

2 Warm compress: I soak towelettes in hot water to do compresses. It has not only taken away my eye infection, I also find my 'dry eyes' have improved to a certain extent.

3 Along with the compress, I would massage my eyes gently and then do
the compresses again. This releases the oils, etc. and unblocks the pores.

4 Clean eyes: This has been particularly stressed by the doctor. More so if you have blepharitis. In a cup of warm water, pour in two to three drops of baby shampoo ( the tearless ones). Pour the solution on cotton balls and gently wipe the eyes.

These four simple habits have turned things around for me. I had lost almost all the lashes on my right eyes, save for a few sparing me the embarrassment. But in around two weeks, I see the lashes growing back again and in plenty. To get them in the same thickness and density would take a month or two more I think.

These are my tried and tested tricks.

 I won't put on Vaseline or Castor oil since I already have an eye condition.

 Is there addition you would want to make? Do leave a note in the comment section below.