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My MUA Makeup Academy Matte Perfect Foundation fiasco: How I was left broken hearted

No, no MUA did a bad makeup on me.I did not go wrong with my makeup makeup either, but my makeup went wrong! About a year ago, I had made one last international haul and being a base makeup hoarder, I couldn't let go of the Makeup Academy (MUA), Matte Perfect foundation. I bought it in the shade Natural. When the foundation arrived, I tried it on. The color matched me well and smelled good.

MUA Makeup Academy Foundation Matte Perfect Natural
MUA Makeup Academy Matte Perfect Foundation Natural

Since I have a bunch of base makeup I need to use up, I let it sit around for a while. Who knew that it would be the last goodbye?

As the weather is getting dry and colder ( cold for Calcutta that is), I dug it out to try it
again. I was appalled! The product, instead of looking creamy, had turned runny, dark and smelled like rotten oil!
Yes, my dear friends, the foundation has gone rancid and it's no longer fit for use.

Thankfully it wasn't very expensive and I had got this during a time for free shipping. Yet, who wants to throw hard earned money down the drain?

The tube looks fresh and new. There's so much of product. I had used it hardly once or twice and now I am throwing it away! Need more cause of regret? No!

I swear, I am now going to religiously use up all my foundation, BB Creams, CC Creams and whatever else have been sitting in corners!

Moral: Think before you buy.