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Unboxing My Envy Box of October

October is here. By now, I realize, no matter how I complain, I am looking forward to My Envy Boxes. They have become a box of surprises for me. Since this time, the box was celebrating it's Anniversary, it was supposed to go bigger. And yes, bigger did it get ( not in size of course!).
My Envy Box of October
The contents of My Envy Box
The box has got cuter; but apart from being cuter, it has got gorgeous as well! The
Anniversary October My Envy Box was curated by Vogue and the smaller box is
 golden! Yes, it steals the limelight instantly because I love everything gold!
My Envy Box of Ocotber Vogue Curated
The Vogue Curated Box

What's inside the box? Lots of things! Let's begin. 

Contens of My Envy Box of October
The bigger ones

What caught my eye was a 30 ml sample of Clinique Eye and lips makeup remover. It's a biphase one and I am naturally excited!

H2O Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter: Aha! I am going on a trip soon and I know I am going to use it!

Skinyoga Sandalwood and saffron Face Mask: I might take this along as well.

what's inside my envy box of october

Clinique Moisture Surge extended Thirst Relief: It's a tiny quantity.

Let's see how many uses it gives me.

Estee Lauder Serum X 2: I was delighted because these days, I am venturing into this area.

Since they included 2 sachets, I am happier. But these are tiny samples.

Parisian Tattoo: At first I thought it was a loose piece of decoration and was about o throw it away. Going through the cards I realized what it is. Come Diwali, I am going to get gorgeous!

Now, another very interesting addition,

Sebastian professional Potion 9: Supposed to be their best product, I am very much looking forward, more so, since, my hair is acting out in this weather.

L'Occitane Spa coupon: Unfortunately, there is no L'Occitane Spa here in Kolkata. But there is one coming up soon. I have to ask the brand about expiry. If it remains valid till then, perhaps I would go in for a treat to myself. I deserve that. Don't I?

But, I am not that impressed with the L'Occitane coupon. I am sure there would be nothing covering the budget.

A printed pouch

Now, the thing I am excited about the most! They have included an Estee Lauder Card: It would let me have some tips at the store.

 But that's not what excited me, I have to scratch the card to find the tips on which they ought to create. And , at the end, I am to receive a complimentary sample as well! I don't know what they would offer, but somehow, the curiosity is killing me! So, I need to head off to the store right today!

Shall let you know what I got.

Overall, I am happy. Yet, My Envy Box does seriously need to work on the number of samples given, they are tiny in size.

C'est tous mes amies!



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