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Shine, shine, go away: Rimmel Stay Matte Compact ( and color comparision with Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact)

 To Oily skinned beauties like me, words like' powder', 'compact', 'oil control' is like music. So, when I saw all the youtube gurus raving about how nice this Rimmel Stay Matte Compact is, I badly wanted one. Call it luck, right after, Rimmel came to India and I knew I had to get one.

Photo of Rimmel Stay Matte Compact
Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder in Mohair

Colors: These come in quite a few colors, but unfortunately, they are all cool toned and

Review of Rimmel Stay Matte Compact in Mohair
Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder in Mohair

Basically, I had two problems, colors are either light and cool toned, or they are dark and cool toned. None of them seems to be a fit for my skin.
But, since these powders don't give much coverage, I went ahead and bought one randomly. ( I should have got something lighter though).

Rimmel Mohair 007
Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder in Mohair 007

As it turned out, the shade is tad darker and cool toned than my skin.

Performance: Impressive! I have extremely oily skin ( at the moment), and this compact sets my foundation very well and keeps it oil free for hours.
I never expect my skin to remain oil free the entire day which would be absurd given my skin is oily and the temperature in Kolkata is not only very humid, it hovers around 33 to 40 degree celsius.

BUT, this powder keeps my foundation set more by at least 2 hours than my other compacts do.

If I am wearing it on top of BB Cream, I am set for at least 4 to 5 hours. After which my skin starts getting oily again.

Value for money? I had bought it for 200 INR I think and it contains 14 grams, which is quite a lot.

Verdict: This is by far the best compact for my skin, but not for my skin tone.

Let me show you how the color unsuitable for my skin color.

Rimmel Stay Matte and Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact
Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder in Mohair 007 and Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact in 01

Below is Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact 01 which gives good coverage by itself and is THE PERFECT color and the Rimmel Stay Matte Compact in Mohair 007.

See, told you.

I wish Rimmel comes out with more shades ( although I doubt if they would) which would be perfect for my skin color. If they cannot, I wish, at least they could bring in that colorless setting powder one.