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The 4 Nivea Giveaway Winners!

Before I disclose the names, I would want to thank each and every one of you for making this giveaway a success. I am always thankful to my readers for reading my thoughts and it does keep me going.  I had kept the rules very simple. Yet, some of the ladies generously Tweeted and Retweeted about this giveaway even though it did not earn extra points. I am actually touched by the gesture. The amount of love I saw especially in this giveaway, actually gears me up to pay more attention, write more and perhaps with more personal touches.

In case you have not won anything, don't worry. There are other giveaways coming up soon, and by that I mean really soon. And without much ado, here are the winners selected by the brand!

-       Bhavani Sekar
-       Ganga Bharani
-       Shilpa Bindlish
-       Swarnali

 I have already mailed all the four of you. Kindly share the details to me so that I can pass them over to the brand.

I am thankful to Nivea India, but more than that, I am grateful to everyone who participated and also spread the word around to make this happen.