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Fashion faux pas I decided to walk down.

Yes, you read it right. It has been sometime that I have been deliberately giving myself in to especially two so-called widely recognized faux pas. And I have my reasons.

Nivedita| Beauty blogger| Kolkata

Short nails: There are several reasons. I tend to scratch my face by mistake, as in not because of itchiness. :P Trying to get the hair out of my face, etc and my acne breaks.

I also get a hard time removing the creams and other products which get between the
nails during application and being fidgety about cleanliness, I can't stand it.

Unpainted Nails: Ever since my illness, my cuticles are acting out. I do not want to damage them further while trying to remove the paints.

Moreover, I hate chipped nail polish. I feel clean nails are better than chipped polish and I do not always find time for the maintenance. Plus, I like to let my nails breathe. This entire year, I think I have painted my toes only thrice.

With the winter approaching, the cold feet tend to sweat. I like to maintain a good feet hygiene.

A girl without mascara: These days, I am mostly foregoing the mascara. Not to speak of the waterproof variant. Since I wear glasses, not wearing mascara is an added advantage because my lashes keep brushing against the glasses which feels annoying.

Ever since the eye infection, I had lost most of it. Fortunately for me, I have got back a part of my long lashes.

That's all as of now. Any fashion faux pas you deliberately walk down?