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Lakme CC Cream and Garnier BB Cream: The knock out tournament

I have been given a very difficult task. It's so difficult that I have been sitting on it for sometime until I decided to shake off the dilemma. I have been asked to do a

Comparison of BB Creams
comparative review of Garnier BB Cream and Lakme CC Cream and to pick ONE!
Well, I always have both in my kitty because I do like them both. But if I were on a

Lakme BB Cream Garnier BB Cream
deserted island, I would pick one and here goes my pick.

Lakme CC Cream
Garnier BB Cream

Lakme CC Cream contains SPF20 but no PA Factor.
Garnier BB Cream contains SPF 1 and no SPF Factor. It just says UVA/UVB Protection
 Since none of them provide high protection, they are almost at par here.
It provides better coverage than Garnier.
Garnier doesn’t provide much in terms of coverage.
Lakme does a better job.
Lakme is thicker.
Garnier is quite runny I would say and of course easier to spread as well.
Garnier is better here.
Lakme is quite moisturizing which is a con during the summer days and helpful in winters.
Garnier doesn’t moisturize much. But just smoothens the skin. I do wear it on top of a moisturizer.
I like Garnier in summer Lakme in winter.
Skin texture after use
Lakme doesn’t do anything special in terms of skin texture.
Garnier makes the skin appear smoother.
I prefer Garnier that way.
Shade selection
Lakme has two shades to cater to the wide variety of skin tones. Since that is impossible, and since it does offer coverage, having two colors is not really helping.
Garnier has only one shade for all skin tones! That’s strange. But, since it doesn’t give much coverage, I think, any skin color can get away.
I can pick up a Garnier BB Cream without a second thought about a white cast.
In terms of pricing, Lakme is affordable at 250 INR.
But Garnier is even more affordable. The larger tube costs around 120 INR I think.
Do I need to say who wins?
Lakme has only one size.
Garnier has two sizes. In case you are travelling, you can throw in the smaller tube easily in your pouch and make do. This is thoughtful of the brand. Besides, if you just want to give it a try, the smaller tube goes easy on the pocket.
The Garnier tube also has a nozzle which is more convenient and less messy.
Garnier definitely wins here.

So, I think, if I am in a rush, I am definitely picking up Garnier without a thought. I only wish it had a bit more of SPF and PA +++  to become my HG BB Cream. For my
Lakme CC Cream Garnier BB Cream review

part, I am pretty enjoying it. I would also be wearing it all winter on top of my moisturizer.