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L'Oreal Revitalift LaserX3 Cream: Quick Sample Review

You might be wondering why I am so reviewing samples these days. As I had mentioned, I have gather bags full of samples and they have been sitting around for

L'Oreal revitalift Laser X3 Cream review
some time. Anyway, I had received this tiny 5 ml sample of L'Oreal Revitalift LaserX3
with a Femina. At first glance, I thought, I would finish up this tube in one or two go. But, the tube pretended to simulate P.C Sorkar Jr's 'Water of India' magic and it gave me around 14 uses!
Yes, I used it twice every day for one week straight.

My experience: In the beginning, I realized, right after application, my skin felt smoother at the surface. But on hydration part, it did not do anything miraculous. I also used moisturizer on top since my skin is now tending towards dry.

It smells mild and pleasant and spreads very easily. The tiny quantity gave me 14 uses which means, one needs a really tiny amount.

After seven days, my skin looked better and smoother. There was something better, but I couldn't exactly explain what.

Overall, I would like to buy the full size in the future and find out if it does anything miraculous is the long run.