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Out with the Old and the Exhausted: My October Beauty Trash ( And some trashing!)

I don't know, for some reason my November empties feels so huge to me. I don't want to do those mini reviews this time. So, whatever is here is here.

October Empties India
My Trash!

These have mostly expired.

Ocotber makeup empties
Phew! I feel lighter

Lakme Perfect Foundation: I am never repurchasing it. It's good. Bu it melts in the slightest contact with water.

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation: You know about that.

Lakme Jewel Liners: These are way too vibrant for me. If you like bright metallic eye liners, go for these and thank me later.
Bourjois Biodetox Concealer: I am responsible. It was pretty expensive. But I liked it so much that I used only on occasions. I shouldn't have let it sit around. If it's any consolation, only a tiny bit is left.

L'Oreal Kajal Magique:  I had loved it. It's completely used up now.

Personal Care:

Skincare empties of ocotber
I rather should call this a declutter post.

TIGI Curl Collection Curlesque Samples: I have reviewed the Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in. I am yet to review the serum. I am extremely happy with this line. Some leave in conditioner is still left with me, and sufficient serum for at least three or four more uses.

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Collection review
Don't be fooled by the sachets. The styling and leave ins give too many uses

Dove Conditioner: Not really the best for me.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine:
A very good conditioner which nourishes the hair.

Everyuth orange Peel Off:
I used to use this way back. Then, I realized that I am too lazy for peel offs. The last bit of my 3rd or 4th tube, sat around.

Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Peel Off:
I had reviewed it here. You do not want to give it to even your worst enemy.

Raw Gaia MSM : This is wonderfully scented, natural product. It's actually a mix of different oils. But it completely failed for me.

Biotique Coconut Cream: This was a depigmentation cream I bought years ago when I was left with horrible marks because of acne. But, afetr purchasing, I realized it was labelled 'depigmentation'. I am scared of that label because for everything, I do not want to mess with my melanin. Besides, the cream felt too heavy. So, it sat around again.

Dove Silk Lotion: It was one rare find and I treasured it so much that almost 3/4th of it expired. :( It was so moisturizing, and added beautiful shimmer to the skin! I am going to repurchase if I find it again.

Olay Natural white cream:
It worked great in summer and also gave me an even tone eventually.

Lakme Face Wash: I love these Face washes.

Vedic line OnTime Night Cream: Horrible! I have reviewed it here.

Fa Deodorant: The scent was too strong for my liking.

Kara Wipes: I like using wipes for various purposes.

This went in my bin!
That's all! Hope I clean up my stash again in November. I really do want to get rid of my accumulated stash!