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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo did not make my hair feel like "MAN HAIR"! But made it better!

Yes, that's not real beer mug because the bottle is not a beer bottle either! But, the point of this post is a review. :D

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo for men
Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

When this shampoo came out, I was pretty intrigued because I have always wanted to
wash my hair with beer. That didn't happen because I would rather drink than wash my hair with it.
However, this shampoo and packaging pretty much looked interesting and incidentally, there came a small bottle of it with a Park Avenue deo.

Here's what I think of it:
The shampoo is pretty runny in texture and smells of artificial and flat beer which is not really very pleasant.
But on the better note, it lathers well and cleanses well. Makes the hair shiny and voluminous and dry! But that dryness can me combated effectively with a good conditioner.
So,  the likes:

  1. Cleanses well.
  2. Lathers well.
  3. Makes my hair shiny.
  4. Makes it voluminous.
  5. Affordable.

Makes the hair dry.
Doesn't smell of good beer. It rather smells like craft glue.

Shall I repurchase? ummm. May be.