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The Body Shop Drops of Youth: Bloggers meet at City Centre 1

Sometime ago The Body Shop had launched it's Argan Oil Range. So, when I got the invite, I thought those would be the product in focus ( and I was dog tired!). So, wasn't really curious.  But as it turned out, the products in focus were the latest launch Drops of Youth. No, it's not the Elixir Captain Jack Sparrow was looking for... or may be so. But, The Body Shop might have found it first and bottled it up of course!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth
The Body Shop Drops of Youth

It has been a very long week. So, when Thursday arrived, I almost decided on not
attending because all I wanted was some sleep. *Don't tell anyone, I wasn't groomed to my satisfaction either*. But apart from the event, meeting my blogger friends is an incentive as well. So, in spite of giving a thought of dropping out, I just grabbed a kurti churidar and tried hiding my tiredness with some makeup ( to no avail... sigh).

The Body Shop Drops of Youth bloggers meet
Pooja and the cake stand. No, the dreamy sweet smile is not at the cupcakes. She is posing for the caricature artist whose one hand can be seen in the photo.
Anyway, on reaching the store I was delighted that people were already there and there was so much of buzz around! Err... I couldn't help noticing the tall stand of cup cakes and the delicious desserts!

I missed these two! But had the most delicious Pot de chocolat.
 I am gaining weight like anything, yet, I put my guilt aside and did gobble up one or two. :P

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Kolkata Bloggers meet |Nivedita

And The Body Shop never fails pamper us! part from the desserts ( I am hung over), there was an eye massage session. I did not want to part with my eye makeup, but how can I miss a massage on a week like this?

Nivedita| Kolkata Blogger| The Body Shop Drops of Youth Event
Trying hard to stay awake
Out comes off my makeup, I almost fell asleep in my chair! I wish I could get a nap. It was so relaxing. In case you are wondering, the last of the ritual was the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate.

The Smile says it all!
There was Radhika, who is the head of the Customer care service. Though herself not a makeup artist, she is extremely talented and did eye makeups on so many. Bidisha's expression says it all! I caught the candid shot.

Not the best shot. But the happiest I bet!
I also met Priyanjana who is the latest Kolkata Blogger on-board!

Meet Pooja. It's a tie between Pooja and the Cupcakes! Who's sweeter? ( I vote for Pooja).

And Poorna the foodie, but not so goodie-goodie! ( There goes my lame talent in poetry.)

And Shikha. Before you rightly admire her outfit, don't miss her lipcolor. I need to ask her what she was wearing.

Aanchal, the brand manager was her usual warm and cordial self and so was Aastha. She is extremely bubbly and sweet!

Somosree, the senior store manager ( my favorite person), did a beautiful makeup on me. Unfortunately, I did not have the energy to shoot)

There was also a caricature artist. But he was tired I noticed and time for me was running out as well.
I also received some goodies at the event. Unveiling soon! Alright, at the launch of Drops of Youth, of course I got the Drops of Youth! What unnecessary drama I tried to put up here!

Thank you The Body Shop for arranging such a beautiful evening. I felt very special because it's for the first time that The Body Shop hosted something especially for the bloggers. I can't thank them enough for the appreciation and the endeavour.

Looking forward to another event.

C'est ne pas tous! Attendez, s'il vouz plait!