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Coconut oil and I: How I use coconut oil in my life... :D

 DIY use of coconut oil in beauty regimen
I know, most of you would turn away at the heading. But yes, I would still continue. In the west, coconut oil has become a fad. I still can't keep it in my hair since I have acne prone skin and fine hair. But, coconut oil is a must for me, especially in winters. Here is when and how I use it and with what result.

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Body Oil: I am allergic to most of the body oils. Yet, in the winter, my skin is so dry that no amount of moisturizer helps. I would either massage the coconut oil on my
body before going to bed, or mix it with a moisturizer and massage.
A good massage warms me up and eventually, the cellulite looks smoother and after a week or two of massage, my skin actually glows. I love that in winters.

Those are like special time for myself. A mental detox as well.

Eye makeup remover: It's the best eye makeup remover. Hands down! But if you are not too careful, you might see things hazily. But I don't think it harms eventually. If you are a bit cautious, you can prevent the oil from getting in your eyes as well. Any makeup would melt! I swear. You won't need the minimum tug or pull.

Hair conditioner: After shampooing, I would mix up some with my conditioner and apply. I love my hair after that!

Alternatively, when my hair gets too dry, after shampooing and conditioning, I would apply some on my hair and wash with warm/hot water ( hot water is non optional for me). Since hot water tends to strip off the oils and moisture, the oil also washes off. But the temperature also helps in better absorption. Even if you hair feels limp afterwards, no worries. You are going to love your hair after shampooing next time.

I do love it!

Where do I source it from? I don't understand the fuss. In India, especially in the coastal areas, pure coconut oil is easily available. Even the local brands procure cold pressed pure coconut oil and it's cheap. 

Even at my grandma's place, we have coconut gardens and sometimes the coconuts, if not sold away or given away or something, are dried and oils cold pressed for household use.

How cool is that?

I don't really worry about the purity because plenty of brands in India sell food grade pure coconut oil.

Here goes my coconut oil fascination. No, don't soak your hair and come near me. Don't cook my food in coconut oil either. I am not really eating it.