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Lakme Total Clean Up Face Wash: Pick or miss?

Having acne prone skin, face washes are my weakness. Psychologically , it feels like I want to wash away all my blemishes. But yes, at the same time, one cannot

Lakme Total Clean up Fairness Facewash| Lakme Fairness Face wash| Facewash for oily skin
overstress the importance of keeping the skin clean. Hence, I would always be drawn
towards facewashes.So, I kind of went gaga that Lakme came up with Total Clean Up Fairness facewash.
Like most Indian girls, Lakme used to be my go to brand, and till this point, I think I have used almost all the facewashes which Lakme has come out with and honestly, I always liked them. I do not prefer one over another because most of Lakme facewashes, I feel are very much alike, only they look and smell different. So, let me do a very quick review,
This facewash is

  1. Dense. A pea sized amount gives enough lather and cleanses most of my makeup.
  2. Smells amazing! This one does remind me of fresh strawberries, yet it's mild. But, if you do not like strawberries, skip this one.
  3. Affordable. I think a 100 ml tube costs around 180 INR. Not sure.
  4. Available everywhere.
  5. Lasts a long time.
  6. Has mild beads which do not really exfoliate, but looks good.

Then what do I dislike about it? The fairness tag.

Verdict: I would repurchase this facewash for all the above reasons, and would recommend in case you liked my reasons. :P

Much ado about a facewash is unfair. So, catch you with my next post.