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November Declutter: What I used up and what I am throwing away.

I am gradually letting go of all the products I have been holding on to... even after they expired. Yes. Guilty! I accept!

November Empties 2014
A lot! Isn't it?

At last, my hoard of skin care looks lesser, my makeup stash looks cleaner as well.  So,
here is what I am getting rid of. I am starting off with makeup,

Makeup declutter of November 2014
Makeup! Yes, I am getting rid of

1The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals  Foundation Compact: I like the compact, though it did not match me perfectly. Yet, it has it's flaws. Like, it tends to leave streaks unless blended very carefully. The brush is not the best for the application of foundation, but good for application of blush, highlighters, etc.

May not repurchase.

2 The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation: It wasn't good for summers. But absolutely took care of my dry skin in winters. The color was slightly too orange and dark, but I mixed up with other foundations.
Eyemakeup declutter
The eyes

3 Lakme Eyeconic Mascara: It did not use it up completely, but it was getting old, and I was scared if it got contaminated since , recently, I have had eye irritations. But since it's washable, and fans out my lashes, I love it.  I might want another soon.

4 Elle 18 Color bombs: I wish they had less shimmer, wider selection of colors, mattes, and a whole lot of things. I don't know why I never used them to my heart's content. Now they smell funky and have dried up as well, I think.

5 Lakme Eye Brow Pencil: I am kind of neutral towards it. For a product within 40 bucks, I have nothing to complaint about.

Lip makeup declutter
Lip makeup

6 Jordana Lipliner in Silver Lilac: I did not like the color. Moreover, it smells odd. I have Jordana liners slightly older than this one. But none of those smell funky.

7 Colorbar Lipgloss: I have forgotten the name. I had received it as GWP, and to my disappointment, it was due to expire in a couple of months. Since, I am not the biggest fan of lipglosses, it sat around the corner and died.

Moving on to skincare,

Skincare empties November
8 Lotus Safe Sun Sunscreen SPF 70 +++: It's India's answer to BB Cream. It provides light coverage, full protection, sufficient moisture, brightness... what else do you want? Definitely repurchase.

9 Boroplus Face Wash: It was a sample. I think you did not wish to see a product like this amidst the elite. No my dears, it's a good and impressive face wash I fully intend to purchase.

10 Pond's Silk Cream: I had to notch up to it from my light Olay Moisturizing lotion, since my skin feels dry these days. If you have oily skin, this could be a good cream for you in winters. s for myself, I have notched another level higher.

11 Vedicline Undereye Cream:
It was good. But the jumbo size tub, is way too much for one to finish. I did use up most of it. But it has expired at last.

12 Vedicline Undereye Gel: It does get rid of puffiness and the other ailments. The problem was same as that of the cream. Too much.

I don't understand, why instead of selling huge quantity, they cannot come up with smaller sizes and lesser price. That way, we won;t have to use aged products as well.

13 L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Cream X3: I  liked it. But there was nothing phenomenal. Yet, for what I see of it, a long time use might have better effect.

14: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser: Warm coconut vanilla scented, dense, lathers well and a tube lasted me months. I am repurchasing.

15+16: Olay Moisturizers: These twins are light, and a bit too light for Autumn. I am repurchasing.

17 Vedicline OnTaut Face Pack: Nothing worth reaching out for.

18 VLCC Clear Tan facepack: Absolutely works wonders for my skin. No, it doesn't lighten the skin, but takes care of every break outs and eruptions and does calm down my skin to a great extent. LOVE!!!

There's still more,


Hair products in India

19 Park Avenue Beer Shampoo: Smells like craft glue, but cleanses my hair well and does make it shine. Repurchase? May be.

20 Clear Anti Hair fall Woman Shampoo: I need to review this. In the meantime, get hold of a bottle.

21 Sunsilk Radiant Shine Hair Conditioner: This line is my absolute favorite.

22 Himalaya Protein Conditioner: Needs special attention. It's one of the repurchases.

Phew!! That was a whole of products. No kidding! I need rest!