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Oriflame the ONE Unlimited Lipsticks Review and price: Matte - love all over again!

Oriflame the ONE Unlimited Lipsticks Review and Price | Matte Lipsticks in India
Oriflame seems to be galore here now! You have already seen I started featuring the new range. They have again come up with new additions to this line... yes,
most exciting... LIPSTICKS!!
Oriflame the ONE lipsticks Review and price
Oriflame the ONE lipsticks

I have got 8 of these lipsticks. Since swatches and everything would make this post too long, I am putting those up for another post while I myself would now share my
overall opinion. Alright, admit that I sound clumsy today.

Coming back,

The lipsticks are 1.2gm and come for 499 INR a piece. Yes, they are definitely pricey. At least, going by the weight they are.

What about the product quality itself?

They look like slimsticks giving more control if you are tracing the lip line.

These lipsticks are matte in texture which does not feel like it's even there.

But the color stays put for hours and survives full meals, unless completely and deliberately wiped off.

Yet, the texture is not dry or uncomfortable. How?

At first I thought these are moisturizing lipsticks because they went over with a wet finish... as if I were applying liquid lipsticks which was somehow given a solid form. Then, in a couple of minutes, the wet texture set into a matte finish which was comfortable, but indeed matte! or may be, my dry lips are soaking up all the moisture in it? ( That's also possible.)
Oriflame the ONE lipsticks Review and price
Oriflame the ONE lipsticks Review and price

I think, because of the texture, after a year, they might dry up. That way, I am glad that the quantity is not so much which would be wated. I am happier that the smaller sizes would ensure full use.

They smell vanilla caramelish; nothing too strong though.

Then what's the downside?

Shades are difficult to select from brohures. But on a better note, the names pretty much matched my idea of the colors.

Pricey. Yes, they are pretty pricey. But, I think there should be more offers.

Shall I repurchase? I know I would. There are a few colors which I am particularly loving and I know I WOULD completely use them up and DEFINTELY REPURCHASE.

Swatches and colors? Wait up for the next post. I don't want to make this post too long or too boring.

PR Sample. Honest review.