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Oriflame The ONE Unlimited Lipsticks: Swatches, shade names with swatches, etc.

Oriflame The ONE Unlimited Lipsticks Swatches, Price |
And, as promised, after the review of Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks, the swatches along with the names of the shades of Oriflame The ONE lipsticks are here. I am so enjoying them! Start with the colors.

Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks Swatches |shade names| photos of Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks
Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks: Aren't those pretty?
1 Absolute Blush : As the name suggests, it is a slightly rosy sienna color and looks absolutely lovely!

2 Mocha Intensity: I am not the biggest fan of browns. But those who love browns, are going to love it.

3 Forever Plum: This plum has a winish brown effect which is not overwhelming. It does remind me of winter colors.
Shades of Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks
Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks
Swatches and photo of the shades of Oriflame The ONE Lipsticks

4 Endless Red : Unending! it's a happy color of red, slightly orangish, and so lovely!

5 Always Cranberry: This is another favorite I have! It's that deep MLBB/ muted rosy color which would suit all skin tones. yes, all skin tones.

6 Violet Extreme: I have at last found the violet I have always wanted. Shall tell about it later.

7 Fuchsia Excess: The best fuchsia I have seen so far!

Pink Unlimited: Not the biggest fan. But pretty color.

You see, all the colors are wearable and would suit almsot all skin tones. For my part, I am indeed head over heels and these are the lipsticks I am sure I am going to completely use up in the next six months and would repurchase. Yes, you shall see them in my empties post!

What are your thougts on Oriflame The ONE lipsticks?


  1. All the shades are so pretty, I have fuchsia always cranberry, fuchsia excess, endless red and mocha intensity. The texture, formula and pigmentation are just worth the price tag.

  2. Mocha Intensity looks gorgeous :)


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