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Unboxing My Envy Box of December 2014

My Envy Box of December 2014| What's inside My Envy December 2014?
I cannot believe that another month has passed and the year flew by on wings. I don't seem to realize how time really pass! And on a better note, like last year, I am able to

Unboxing My Envy Box of December 2014
My Envy Box of December 2014

spend time with the man! And pretty boxes do add prettiness to my mood. But did My
Envy Box of December do that successfully?

Review of My Envy Box of December 2014
My Envy Box of December 2014

Let's take a look at the contents:

What's inside My Envy Box of December 2014?

Babor Minimical Cream:
I got two sachets of these.

L'Occitane En Provence Ultra Rich  Body Cream: Two sachets.

Pacco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold! A 2 ml vial. I am so in love with the scent!

Star of the show, Bomb Cosmetics bath Creamer: A full size cutie. But the full size is quite small in itself. But, I think, for the price, sufficient.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer

Usually there come the coupons for the products provided. I found a coupon of Sugandha Lip Balm, but the balm is missing in my box. So, I am wondering what happened to the product.

Overall impression: No. This December Box did let me down and that too big time! I know My Envy Box does not always make me happy, but their June July boxes were impressive. 
This time, since Christmas is here, I was expecting something impressive and generous. May be the full size of the lip balm would have made up to it. Since they missed it out, they could have at least included more sachets. or something.
Overall, honestly, I would not pay 850 Rupees for 4 sachets, a 195 Rupees product and a 2 ml vial.

The box is provided to me by the brand for my honest review. All opinions are