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Vedicline OnTaut Face Pack: I am certainly never repurchasing.... Photo, review,etc

You would perhaps know how obsessed I am with face packs, and yes, I do use them, or try to use them religiously. I have used several face packs from Vedicline which worked well. So, when I had purchased the Vedicline OnTaut Face pack, I had high hopes from it.
Vedicline OnTaut Face Pack |Anti Ageing Face pack India |face pack for matured skin| Photo and review of Vedicline OnTaut Face Pack
I tried cutting it up because nothing would come out, though more than half the tube was there

This is not a rave review. So, I am not going to waste my time and energy. The product
simply did not work for me! Why?

My experience; It smelt of lime, and felt pasty. But even after regular use, I did not notice anything special, not even momentary glow, let alone toning of skin ( which I wasn't expecting in anyway).

Bottom line, money wasted and I am altogether staying away from this line. I think I had purchased this tube for around 185 INR. But I regret wasting my so hard earned money on such a dud!!

My advice: Stay away from this face pack.

Needless to say that I am never repurchasing.