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VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005: Utterly butterly and delicious on my lips

My friend Pooja from Indian Beauty Central had for time, fed the makeup addict in me, until it felt saturated. There was a phase where I would be the evil friend she needed and so we shopped! She picked up these cuties from Mumbai, almost my mistake. And I am glad that she did! Why?
VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005 Photo

My Experience:
I noticed, both NYX and VOV were coming up with similar products
from NYX. In fact, I think they come from the same manufacturers.
VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005 review

The gloss just glides over and is dense, thick which actually feels buttery on my lips. I can't  just describe how nice it feels on the lips! It's not at all sticky, but makes the lips so soft!! ( It also gets rid of the flakes if you've got any.)
VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005 Wand

The packing: It comes with a doe foot applicator. But these applicators are one of the best which I have ever come across. These are not the kind which eventually tear up.
VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005 applicator

These are flat, long, good quality and application is a breeze!
VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005 applicator

Pigmentation: They don't offer full color. They are very sheer. But, on my pigmented lips, they impart slight color, and the overall effect is beautiful! I also wear them on top on lipliners. I don't team them up with lipsticks, because, I love the way they already are.
Swatches of VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005

Price: Pooja, I think, had picked these for about 120 INR each.

You can already see, I am going gaga.
Colors VOV Lipgloss 0001 and 0005

Shall I repurchase?
2 tubes would last me ages. Yet, if I do find these again, I am getting backups.

What do you think of these?