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And the winners of PWB contest are...

I know this took me a little bit longer than I wanted it to be. But, let's celebrate at the moment. The winners are, in or definitely order,
  1. Kavita
  2. Saachi Garg
  3. Ekta
  4. Pranathi
  5. Nishat
  6. Tarry
  7. Bhawnachirps
  8. Neha Mishra 
  9. Bhawani Sekar
  10. revathy Sweety

Congratulation to all the winners and thank you all the ladies who participated and made this giveaway a success.

Note to the Winners: Please mail me at niveditared(at)yahoo.co.in your

Ph no

as quickly as possible so that I can forward the same to the PWB team.

Thank you once again for all the support and all the love. In case you did not win, don't be disappointed. I am going to host another giveaway very soon!