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Dark circles and I: How do I deal with my Dark circles?

How do I deal with Dark Circles? What solutions did I find for dark circles? What I would I suggest doing?
Not quite recently, a friend asked me on Facebook for some help. She eats well, sleeps well, and is zen about life. Yet, she has dark circles. What to do?

I have myself been battling with those and honestly, I have barely managed to tackle them. Nevertheless, let me begin with my own conclusions. After frantic searches, I concluded, dark circles can be caused by
1 Stress
2 Sleeplessness.
3 Broken capillaries
4 Internal health problems.
5 Gene

I suffer from 2 and have been suffering from 4. But since our friend has already eliminated 1 and 2, let's move on to 3,4, and 5. ( yes, I am fond of that Oxford comma).

For 3, I suggest, don't rub your eyes. For 4, are you sure you don't feel tired, have no
other health issues? If not, I am really relieved. Being myself ill for a very long time, I hope everyone is really fit and fine.

5 Here is nothing you can do. I would have suggested talking to the ancestors, but it's none of their fault either, I guess.

But, here is what I myself do.

#1 Moisturize your under eye area. Your regular creams and lotions might not do. Recently, I came across VLCC Under eye creams and I am really happy with it. The creams won't get rid of the circles. But moisturization would improve the skin texture, and a smooth skin already helps.

#2 Sunscreen. Choose a high sunscreen with high SPF and one which can be used around the eyes as well.

#3 Get a pair of large sunglasses with UV filters. They are not only for fashion, but for me, they are necessity.

#4 Stop rubbing your eyes. Don't break the capillaries underneath the skin.

#5 Invest in concealers. I know you may have been expecting something more than this. But this is what I did for myself. I prefer using Kryolan D5 and it works good for my NC 41 - 42 skin. I am sure you would find something for yourself.

#6 Stop being too conscious about it. There was a time when I was embarrassed beyond limits. But human body has it's limits and is not perfect. Even the most impeccably beautiful celebrities have horrible dark circles. Compared to them, mine is nothing.We are real human being and not photoshopped dolls. We tend to notice our imperfections more, the outer imperfections I mean, and it undermines our confidence. Embrace the fact that you have your imperfections and that's a part of you which doesn't make you less worthwhile.

Even after reading 6, if you still feel uncomfortable, do back to 5 to know what to do. 350 bucks would not burn a hole in your pocket, I hope.

This is all I can think of and this is all I myself do and have learnt to do. These are my tried and tested methods. Hope this helps.

Stay beautiful as you are.